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This compilation is specifically geared towards early readers.


The WH-question collection focuses on developing differentiation of the types of questions asked through the use of stimulus-stimulus pairing - in this case, text to color. It also assists with the expansion of reading comprehension.



Read the story text, or have the student read the text themselves. One question at a time, vocally read the question to the student. If the student struggles to answer, you may consider having them draw a line from the WH question word to the associated text. Use the prompting method appropriate for your student. If your student's skill level allows, to assist with generalization, present novel questions related to the story. For example, in Curious George Roller Coaster, after the question "What ride did George go on?" you may follow up the question with "do you like to go on roller coasters too?"



When your student can fluently and reliably answer the questions without the need to draw a line, begin to fade the saturation of the WH question word and the associated text. This may be done one question word at a time, or simultaneously. Once the client is able to answer the WH questions without the associated colors, remove the story from view and read the story text aloud, pausing to ask the questions. Insert novel questions, as well as novel texts to assist with generalization.

Early Readers -Wh-Question Compilation: 10 Simple Stories

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