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The entire Community Participation Skills tracking sheet set - From Basic Mobility to Social Awareness and Manners!


Use the tracking sheets with running AFLS. They can be easily transfered to a paper or digital AFLS grid. Each section includes the outline for every target skill, and may include specific questions to present.


Directions: Once you've gone through the checkout, the .zip file will be available for you to download. Download the file, find it in your folder, and right-click -> extract all  (For windows... sorry, Chris no idea what the process would be on a Mac.)

If you have any promblems with the file, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll be happy to send you the files ourselves!


(Independent Living Skills coming soon!)



Tip: If a section includes suggested targets that don't match with available materials or location, replace the suggestion and use a more appropriate target! 


Hint: Print and laminate the sections and save them in a binder. Then you can use them like a dry erase board over and over!

Bundle: AFLS Community Participation Tracking Sheets!

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