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The entire Basic Living Sills tracking sheet set - From Self-Monitoring to Nighttime Routines! (It's finally finished!!)


Use the tracking sheets with running AFLS. They can be easily transfered to a paper or digital AFLS grid. Each section includes the outline for every target skill, and many include specific questions to present.


Directions: Once you've gone through the checkout, the .zip file will be available for you to download. Download the file, find it in your folder, and right-click -> extract all  (For windows... sorry, Chris no idea what the process would be on a Mac.)

If you have any promblems with the file, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll be happy to send you the files ourselves!


(School skills bundle also available! Home Skills package coming soon!)



Tip: If a section includes suggested targets that don't match with available materials or location, replace the suggestion and use a more appropriate target! 


Hint: Print and laminate the sections and save them in a binder. Then you can use them like a dry erase board over and over!

Bundle: AFLS Basic Living Skills Tracking Sheets!

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